Just Flight A340 500/600 (FSX) 1.0

Just Flight A340 500/600 (FSX) 1.0

Just Flight’s A340 500/600 add-on for Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX
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The Just Flight’s A340 500/600 add-on for Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX that can be purchased features the four-engine Airbus A340 passenger jet. You get two passenger jet types with your A340 500/600 add-on: the Airbus A340 500 and the A340 600. The installation of the product is simple and the document provided is descriptive. The product comes with two distinct flight models for each aircraft: a "Simplified" and a "Realistic" mode. Realistic model is for the experienced people and the simplified one is for beginners. You can have an A340 in the air in a matter of moments using the quick startup option, or you can follow real-world checklists and run your cockpit much in the way a real airline would through the complete engine startup sequence. The visual models are beautiful and the cockpits are filled with realistic instrumentation. Night textures in both the 2D and 3D cockpits are realistic. The gauges and panels are backlit in color, while the ambient lighting is a rosy-orange. The audio inside the cockpit provides excellent ambience. The user-configurable viewpoints included allow you to enjoy a nice wing view and passenger cabin view. A well rendered day and night textures and the sound set that comes with the product are plus points with the product. It is a product for the simulation pilots of every type; from beginners, to casual pilots, to dedicated long-haulers.

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  • Realistic cockpit instrumentation, different configurable view points and good day and night textures


  • Simplified model is not as simple as it should be



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